Cursed Fables – Generation One Part One

Tap. Tap. Tap. Pause. Tap. Tap.

My sister annoyingly decides to tap her finger on the window in tune with the song blaring through the car radio. I clench my hands into fists in my lap, noting how the colour of my knuckles quickly changes to white. All due to me containing my frustration at the constant sound. Still, it’s better than lashing out at her.

I doubt she’s any more excited about this sudden move than I am.

I look out the window, watching an unfamiliar world go by. I’d only ever lived in Starlight Shores. I’d only ever lived with my parents. But suddenly, out of the blue my siblings and I are told we are to move in with some distant relative all the way in Aurora Skies.

Because my dad is turning into a vampire.

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